Southampton F.C

Southampton F.C
Launch date:
August, 2021
Southampton Football Club released their virtual exhibition celebrating 20 years since moving from The Dell, where the club was founded in 1885, to St. Mary’s. The famous club has built antiquity throughout the decades, and the virtual exhibition is finally here to provide an inside view of their career path so far. 
Customisation and branding come to mind when entering the gallery. The fantastic exhibition opens up to a large room featuring two stories, where you can travel up the red steps to another experience. Each room you walk in provides an array of photographs and recollections of the 20 years behind the club, including the day the club moved, some magical matches, and celebrating the most influential players. 
You see tall windows outside the gallery displaying a football match and crowd, setting the theme and purpose. Filled with history, the entire exhibition provides something enjoyable to read and watch all while doing so innovatively. 

Visitors spent an average of 15 minutes viewing the exhibition.

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