Uniting To Combat NTD

Uniting To Combat Neglected Tropical Diseases
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Power of Storytelling

March, 2021
The virtual gallery by Uniting To Combat NTD is part of their Global Youth Arts Festival. UTC aims to unite to support the World Health Organisation in respect to 10 neglected tropical diseases. These diseases needed immediate support. The organisation launched a storytelling competition to encourage young people to share their stories and experiences about Neglected Tropical Diseases.
The virtual gallery celebrates the entries to the NTD storytelling competition. As you enter the gallery, you are met by an open space with windows introducing a view of the dessert. Surrounding the area, among the artwork, are audio features and music. The virtual exhibit presents a brown spiral staircase that walks you to a smaller, tropical-inspired room—showing plants, bright coloured furniture, and an open view of the realistic sky. Upstairs holds a big screen showing the film 'NTD Roadmap', which you can watch and enjoy with a picture off the cliffside.

Users spent up to 60 minutes viewing the gallery.

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