Bicester Village

Bicester Village
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The Bicester Collection, a distinguished group of 11 luxury shopping destinations spanning across Europe and China, is thrilled to introduce its virtual retail experience, powered by Emperia. This virtual compilation welcomes a global audience into a village ambiance, showcasing an array of the world's foremost luxury fashion and lifestyle brands, all accompanied by top-tier hospitality and services.
Meticulously designed to replicate the physical settings of each of its Villages, this fresh virtual encounter seamlessly brings together Bicester Village (UK), La Roca Village (Spain), La Vallée Village (France), and Fidenza Village (Italy). It preserves the visual authenticity and lifelike shopping experience of each Village. As an added bonus, guests who explore all four virtual villages will receive a gift voucher, redeemable at all villages throughout Europe and China. Customers from around the world can freely explore each virtual Village, immerse themselves in the Collection, and gain a profound understanding of its dedication to providing exceptional experiences through its range of offerings, hospitality and services, and an impressive array of luxury retailers. This immersive journey allows customers to prepare for their forthcoming in-person visits in a captivating and memorable way.
The Bicester Collection takes personalized shopping to the next level, tailoring the experience to each guest's preferences, both before and after their physical visit to one of the Villages. A standout feature of each real-life Village is 'The Apartment', an exclusive private space dedicated to welcoming the Village's esteemed clientele during their visits. Beyond exploring these exclusive shopping spaces, guests can access the Collection's signature hospitality options by pre-booking in-Village services like Hands-free Shopping, enrolling in the membership program, and even scheduling live, virtual personal shopping appointments.
Emperia's innovative platform empowers retailers to create and maintain cutting-edge, shoppable virtual experiences that elevate their brand identity across various industries. The Bicester Collection exemplifies Value Retail's vision, empowering customers to wholeheartedly explore their family of luxury fashion, hospitality, and service.
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