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Burberry x Harrods
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Burberry opened a global series of pop-ups to celebrate the release of its new signature bag, Olympia. The first debut was held in London in the famous department store, which is Harrods. The Riccardo Tisci-designed Olympia is “a structured and sculptural bag, a celebration of modern classicism”. The Harrods space illuminates this concept and celebrates the craftsmanship and inspiration of the bag.
Alongside the pop-up comes an immersive virtual experience. As you enter the virtual space you are met by the first room, a classic opening inspired by Harrods taking you into the ultramodern virtual store. The 1st room in the experience features floor-length windows looking out to the dreamlike cloudy skies. Attaining distinction, the windows feature Harrods iconic awnings. Innovation meets ethereal describes The World of Olympia space perfectly, spotlighting 3 main features.


The bag was digitally replicated with much detail and observation, allowing visitors to use the 360-degree feature to see the characteristics of the bag in the intricate form to blur the lines between physical and digital viewings. Using advanced technology, the bag's texture, hardware, and details are extremely realistic and luxurious, meaning visitors can utilise the AR bag in all its glory.

Greek Elpis statue

Replicating these 3D printed statues into the VR experience, the statues are surrounding the room creating a heavenly feel. Included is a virtual screen showcasing Burberry's Olympia campaign on playback, like a cinema inside a store.
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