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Crean and Company
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In The Wings

November, 2021
Launched in December 2020, Crean & Company is an online gallery founded by collector Nick Crean.
In the Wings is a virtual solo show of works by British painter Laura Smith. Painted as a series, the exhibition is based on a unique, complex set–up where the light could be fully dominated in a dramatic way –the inspiration behind the title of the exhibition.
The virtual gallery is presented in a bright and spacious room, diverting all attention to the artworks on the walls. Made as a series, these new works unite some of the artist’s formal and stylistic concerns: light as subject, the emotive power of gesture and the textural characteristics of objects in art.
"These paintings have all been made from a single, elaborate set-up where the light could be fully controlled in a theatrical way, hence the title of the exhibition," says Laura. "From one painting to another, you will be able to spot the same personas disguised by the change of light - either illuminated or cast into shadow."
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