Serena Sartorial
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Serena Sartorial is an Italian womenswear tailoring brand. The brand combines femininity and design innovation with Italian tailoring traditions, focusing on craftsmanship and uniqueness of each piece. Through the VR brand experience, we created a special world to represent Serena Sartorial's history, values and brand identity.
The experience takes the viewer to an old Italian castle with frescos on the walls and ceilings. Inside the castle you will find the designer studio, representing the traditions of Italian dress-making, showcasing designer's inspiration, sketches and fabrics for the new collection, carefully crafted through 3D modelling.
Walking through the process of making a tailored suit, you will then enter a beautiful courtyard with a cherry blossom tree, acting as a representation of the feminine aspect of the brand. Walk further - and you will find interactive designs from the latest collection recreated in 3D, where you can change fabrics and sizes to see the different looks.
Accompanied with Italian classical music, Serena Sartorial brand experience lets the viewer to be immersed in the world of the brand, getting detached from the reality.
The experience was first showcased in August 2019 at the Serena Sartorial Trunk Show at Tower 42, London, and was greatly received by the audience, achieving 2 purchases made directly through the VR headset.

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