Launch date:
Fashion Eden March 2022
Emperia presents premium NFT marketplace Brytehall’s brand new conceptual pop-up showroom ‘Fashion Eden’, part of the Inaugural Decentraland Metaverse Fashion Week. The Emperia-developed experience appears on the rooftop of the ‘Cash Labs’ Art Gallery and Screening Space, within Decentraland. 
Fashion Eden opens up to an enchanted virtual garden where visitors will be met by a sea of flowers. The heavenly space is circled by exquisite displays of digital fashion and art. To demonstrate its ambition to grow and support Asian entrepreneurial talent in sustainability and innovation, the creations will be auctioned exclusively on Brytehall with a portion of the revenue to the Vogue Singapore Foundation, benefiting Asian entrepreneurial talent showing strides in strides sustainability.
Brytehall's brand new virtual showroom makes an appearance in Vogue Singapore.  
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