Virtual Stores projects



Launch date:
November 2022

Lacoste has launched their first-ever virtual store, developed by Emperia, just in time for the holiday season. The store aims to showcase Lacoste’s creativity in a unique way, leveraging the fact the experience is bespoke for each and every user to strengthen the sense of community amongst customers.

Upon entering the store, customers are taken through a crocodile’s mouth and immediately immersed in the brand. Users will find themselves in a showroom featuring 5 exclusive seasonal products before moving into another room with an active look and feel. A third and final unique token-gated room is nestled at the end of the store, exclusive to VIP customers in Lacoste’s very own Web3 community, UNDW3, that have a Lacoste NFT. Throughout the month of December, ‘loot’ boxes will be dropped for customers to collect and win prizes.  Created in partnership, using Arianee’s token-gated technology to bring this room to life, customers will be encouraged to keep coming back for new surprises, whilst feeling a sense of exclusivity and community within the VIP room.

Interactive virtual tour


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