Virtual Stores projects

Dr Barbara Sturm

Dr Barbara Sturm

Launch date:
December 2022

Dr. Barbara Sturm has released an interactive, personalized virtual store, designed by Emperia, ahead of the holiday season. As an extension to their brick and mortar Dr. Barbara Sturm Spa & Boutique, this digital experience provides customers and clients with a seamless experience interacting with products directly and immersing themselves in the brand experience, regardless of their location. Within the store, customers are able to educate themselves on the products as well as explore the ingredient science behind the Molecular Cosmetics collection.

Placed in a calm, spa-like environment, the virtual store is broken down into 4 unique rooms: main hall, super anti-aging lab, a futuristic greenhouse-like macrobiotic room and an anti-inflammatory room which offers direct access to a tropical beach. Within each room customers will find 3D products that they can explore and videos they can watch to learn more about the molecular chemistry behind the products, all within rooms that directly relate to the product range.

Interactive virtual tour


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