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Premium men’s underwear and apparel brand SAXX has launched the first-ever virtual store, powered by Emperia. The immersive experience dives into the metaverse, allowing shoppers to browse 3D products in a 360-degree showroom. The store exclusively features underwear, tops, and swimwear from SAXX’s revolutionary DropTemp™ collection.

As shoppers enter the store, they are transported into an oxymoronic environment where it is snowing in the desert, subtly emphasizing DropTempTM’s cooling properties. A short pathway lined with shoppable product displays leads to an open-air showroom. More items can be found around the showroom’s swimming pool, including underwear and short and long-sleeve tops, polos, and hoodies with UPF 50 that can be worn in the water. 

In order to access another exclusive retail space, shoppers are encouraged to “dive” into the pool, which reveals a variety of swimwear prints from SAXX’s collection.

Interactive virtual tour


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