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Cyberdog is a London-based rave clothing store exploring the unique excitement of how bold and stylish party clothing can be. This futuristic retailer bases its central three-storey flagship store in Camden. The fashion-forward store is recognised for its internet-minded, individual trends.  
Emperia worked intimately with the Cyberdog team to produce an online experience regarding London Fashion Week that would align with the brand's values and ethics. We created the virtual store, following the theme Cyberdog sets for themselves and the scene that plays a massive part in visiting their physical store. Praised as the world's first "24-hour virtual reality shopping experience based on a real-life shop," the Cyberdog online shop went live after the brand presented its digital fashion show.

The experience

Once stepping inside the virtual store, you face a multi-coloured and vibrant space. The virtual space is a replica of the physical space, providing outer-Camden with an opportunity to experience the brand. Some escalators take you downstairs to the main floor to an incredible shopping experience. By tapping the clothing and viewing product details, visitors can shop as if they are in the physical store.

The design

The space is illuminating, with fluorescent colours and animation. Emperia wanted to ensure that the virtual store provides as much amusement and vibrant aura as the real one. The floors and details are metallic, featuring revolutionary robot sculptures signature to Cyberdog's brand. The space is washed neon with decorative fittings and space-like aesthetics.
The new online store is so central to the heart of what Cyberdog was created for. It was also heartbreaking to think the experience of visiting the Cyberdog mothership store, which is loved by so many, would be shut off. The idea of making a virtual representation of the store was born, and I put the plan into action. - Terry Davy, Cyberdog’s creative director.
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