ECAD London

ECAD London
Launch date:

Art of 1

March 2022
ECAD London was founded in 2017. Led by director and architectural artist Eugene Codjoe, the fine art photography gallery give photographic artists a space to shine as individuals. But, more so, ECAD London is about collaborating with each artist, bringing their unique element.
Emperia created the virtual gallery which comprises two characterful and intimate spaces on lower and upper levels. The rooms are described as the Bellenden (60sqm-Lower) and Viscount (82sqm-Upper) rooms, each providing 23 and 35 linear metres of wall space. ECAD LONDON recognises the changing times and embraces the 'online' phenomenon.
In this show, ECAD represents a group of elite artists showcasing their work in the gallery's exclusive 'Art of '1'' series. Artists include Eddie Aidoo, Noel Clegg, George Digalakis, Alexey Korolyov, Andrew Wheatley, David Caldwell, Julie Derbyshire, Maureen J Haldeman, Juan Manuel McGrath, and John Yabrifa.
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