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Launch date:
July 2021

<I’m Not A Robot>

February 2022

Born from a life of passion for art and years as collectors, Galloire works within the world of modern and contemporary art to bring the best international talent to the Middle East and to make their work available locally. Only this time, they are bridging the gap between physical and digital.

In <I’m Not A Robot>, six artists explore the role of technology in our lives; in making us feel, in art itself and in the emotions it evokes. The works of these recognised international artists blur the barriers between physical and digital art, pushing between the human and the machine: some combine the two and co-create with technology, whilst others push against it as a barrier – something we now hide behind to avoid the need to feel and to face our human obligations head-on.

Interactive virtual tour

Nick Veasey

Dubai-based Galloire launched ‘Beneath’ by British contemporary artist Nick Veasey, well recognised for his x-ray images of everything from luxury fashion to supercars. 

Galloire is the first gallery in the Middle East to use virtual reality linked with augmented reality to build a complete online exhibition experience. By combining both physical and digital within its exhibitions, Galloire strives to make leading international artists’ work more accessible and connect a wider audience to contemporary art in the region.

Inside the virtual gallery, you will find Veasey’s artworks plastered across the rooms. Written on the walls are information about the artist’s works and a replica of the physical gallery. Lighting stimulates a mixture of natural sunlight and artificial light from the ceiling. 

50% of Galloire’s visitors were returning more than once.

Interactive virtual tour


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