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Lacoste Summer


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Following Lacoste’s award-winning virtual store launch last November, also powered by Emperia, Lacoste have unveiled their Summer 2023 virtual experience. Designed to foster a strong sense of community and shopper loyalty among Le Club Lacoste and UNDW3 (Web3) members, the space takes the fans beyond the physical world.

Upon entry, shoppers are greeted by a beachside, symbolized by a stroll through the iconic crocodile mouth that showcases Lacoste’s latest summer collection. An elevator ride takes customers to an outdoor pool-deck area where even more products are showcased.

The virtual store’s captivating scavenger hunt takes visitors to a VIP space, accessible only to Le Club Lacoste and UNDW3 members, Lacoste’s web3 community. Access is granted through an e-mail login or ownership of a Lacoste NFT. Lacoste further engages and rewards new users not already part of the community, also providing them with opportunities to join the loyalty program and enter the exclusive VIP room and receive rewards.

Inside the VIP room, shoppers are presented with the unique UNDW3 collection, created in collaboration with program members. Each physical garment in this collection includes a digital twin and an augmented reality (AR) feature, accessible through a simple QR code scan.

Interactive virtual tour


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