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The Workplace is an art gallery in Gateshead. This exhibition is showcased online inside a detailed virtual representation of their first exhibition space: Workplace, 34 Ellison Street, Gateshead, which opened in 2005 within The British Brutalist masterpiece Trinity Court designed by Rodney Gorden for Owen Luder Partnerships, and which was demolished in 2009. The exhibition has now been recreated through technology and visitors can now immerse themselves into the experience online.
The exhibition 'Transmission' takes the visitors back into the historic building and its brutalist architecture as it has been moved to the coast- to reiterate Gordon’s vast, elemental architecture as the original street outside the gallery was damaged. 
The gallery features new and recent works by artists, Simeon Barclay, Marcus Coates, Jennifer Douglas, Louise Giovanelli, and Laura Lancaster. A few of the artworks were sold on the first day of the release of the exhibition, which was a positive result. The gallery made 200% ROI.
On the ground floor of the exhibition, the gallery showcases two interactive videos to add a sense of motion, allowing the audience to immerse themselves in the interactive experience. The top floor of the gallery is an exclusive viewing room for VIP clients. Zoom-in features allow the audience to explore and gain further information on each painting. All paintings are recreated in 3D, allowing visitors to have a digital experience.
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