L’Occitane Ramadan

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Step into a warm village where, behind each door, a story unfolds. Between houses, pathways, and hidden corners, explore the magic that L'Occitane offers.
L'Occitane En Provence launched its third virtual store in collaboration with Emperia, in an initiative that redefines the celebration of Ramadan, offering an interactive experience that emphasizes togetherness, gifting, and self-reflection.
Enter a traditional Middle Eastern house within a warm village, artfully designed in collaboration with Jeddah-based artist Bayan Yasien, inspired by the spirit of Ramadan in Arab countries. This project centers on warm feelings, love, security, and shared moments. Each illustration showcases L'Occitane products, with every artwork telling a unique story, capturing special moments from the preparation of iftar to the joyous celebration of Eid.
Following the tradition of gifting during this period, the L’Occitane virtual experience presents a Ramadan beauty calendar and exclusive gift sets featuring bestsellers seamlessly integrated into the virtual world. Guests can interactively explore the seasonal exclusive offerings. Recognizing the common occurrence of skin dehydration during Ramadan fasting, L’Occitane assists customers in identifying the right skincare routine through a questionnaire where each response generates a final product recommendation that guests can directly add to their shopping cart.
In the spirit of sharing and giving, the new virtual experience also allows for social sharing, either via an e-mail or direct social network message. Guests can shop with friends, share their choices with loved ones, and simplify the gift-shopping journey. Additionally, any shared experience grants both the sender and recipient an exclusive discount.
Step into the festive virtual realm of L’Occitane and join the spirit of giving.
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