L’Occitane Greenhouse

L’Occitane en Provence
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The L’Occitane Greenhouse spotlights the brand’s captivating range of summer fragrances, drawing inspiration from the picturesque landscapes and aromatic wonders of the Provence region. A fourth collaborative effort with Emperia, the experience is placed in a greenhouse, amidst the summer fields of Provence, renowned for their vibrant colors, fragrant blooms, and idyllic landscapes. The Experience is comprised of three (3) uniquely designed rooms; Main hall which features the brand’s women collections, on its rose, cherry blossom and lavenders scents; a woodsy Men Collection room, in a forest-like atmosphere; and a Middle East Oasis, a regional lounge-like room, featuring local scents including Ambre and the 86 Scents collection.

The new virtual world is a true educational journey, showcasing each fragrance’s intricate craftsmanship and locally-sourced ingredients, all making for authentic and captivating scents while capturing the essence of Provence’s natural wonders, bringing the region of Provence and the brand’s own values to the online visitor own, personal space.
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