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Hugo Boss
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To celebrate the launch of its Spring/Summer 2024 collection, BOSS has opened the doors of the BOSS House Bali to a select group of HUGO BOSS EXPERIENCE members, VIP customers, media, and key tastemakers from the Asia-Pacific region. Taking over a villa on the idyllic island of Bali, built by architect Alexis Dornier, the physical activation is an immersive space that showcases the BOSS lifestyle, allowing guests to enjoy unforgettable experiences, from gourmet dining and cooking classes to wellness workshops and active adventures.

Coinciding with the opening of BOSS House Bali, the brand is extending the experience to audiences worldwide, launching the BOSS House Bali Virtual Experience, available globally on The virtual world offers an unparalleled opportunity to explore the BOSS House Bali and shop for carefully selected BOSS products, exploring and shopping for items from the menswear, womenswear, and fragrance collections and even book a physical stay at BOSS House Bali.

A gamification element also awaits. As visitors navigate through the virtual villa, they are encouraged to search for hidden letters scattered throughout, to find the phrase “BOSS BALI.” By collecting all the letters, players can unlock a discount code, redeemable on their next online purchase . This unique virtual giveaway adds an extra layer of unique engagement and loyalty, enhancing the BOSS House Bali virtual world guest experience.

“At BOSS, we’re committed to fostering connections with our target audience through our fusion of style, technology, and innovation. We understand the pulse of our consumers, ensuring our finger is firmly on the ever-changing pulse of retail  modernity. Season after season, we serve as a catalyst for innovation, by offering enhanced shopping experiences that disrupt the norms, merging the essence of our ethos with cutting-edge digital advances” says Nadia Kokni, SVP of Global Marketing and Brand Communications at HUGO BOSS.

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