Why virtual reality benefits luxury fashion

Jan 18, 2021
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As business changes and new trends arise, luxury fashion brands have no limits to creating inventive ideas to remain high-level in the industry. The pandemic is changing purchaser conduct as well as changing how brands consider their strategy. Additionally, it’s pushing brands to look into new chances for groundbreaking ideas that could change the future of fashion. A future that could be extremely profitable, virtual reality.

With Chanel utilising AR technologies to enhance their physical stores, Dior launching an app allowing you the opportunity to try their luxury goods on in the comfort of your own home, and multiple brands designing virtual reality fashion shows in response to the upcoming trend in technology and the worldwide pandemic, here’s why the technology of virtual reality and augmented reality can amplify luxury fashion.

The environmental benefits

According to Unenvironment, the fashion industry produces 20% of global wastewater and 10% of global emissions. It is no surprise that environmentally-conscious people are worrying about what the future will bring if the fashion industry doesn’t make a difference. Digital couture meets those needs allowing people to support the globe while keeping stylish and supporting the brands.

Since Milan fashion week is taking place digitally this year, it came as no surprise that Milan based brand Sunnei adjusted their SS21 collection using VR technology. Paying close attention to the environment means their wholesale partners will be able to customise the digital blank styles based on their needs without excess fabrics causing an issue to our planet.

“We had been thinking about setting up our own business model for quite some time. When the lockdown was enforced [in Italy] in February, we thought it was the right moment to experiment with this new approach, also because the pandemic was casting uncertainties on the industry and as a digitally-savvy company we felt ready to navigate unexplored waters,”

the label’s co-founder Simone Rizzo told WWD in an interview.

The virtual try-on

With fashion-lovers now being unable to try on the shoes they love in-store, many brands are bringing forward an innovative idea to allow the consumer to try on their goods in the comfort of their own home. We are now seeing the trend sky-rocketing as consumers are trying on clothing, accessories, and even makeup while advertising the brand on their social media (wearing their new style thanks to augmented reality). This even applies to beautifully designed garments that do not exist in the real world.

Virtual try ons could even lead to the minimisation of carbon emissions released into the air due to people traveling to clothing stores. With all that is going on today from people being more conscious of their environmental impact and social distancing measures, it seems that digital fashion takes place as a significant solution.

Once luxury, always luxury

Once prices are high and brand positions remain exclusive, virtual reality is stepping up the game for luxury brands. The technology has given brands the unique opportunity to show their cutting edge ideas. With the help of technology itself, brands can express their uniqueness all while continuing to deliver high-level, quality products via exclusive VR fashion shows, AR at-home experiences, and digital couture collections.

For example, I S CAL, an American up-and-coming designer, created a virtual world based in outer space to reflect the brand’s vision on technology and futurism. The SS21 collection was showcased months before it had been manufactured, allowing the brand to address sustainability issues with precise production volumes.

When it comes to the new digital world, fashion houses are only proving just how creative runway, collections, campaigns, and websites can be. We are excited to lead the way in the digital transformation.

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