Why Is Digital Fashion So Important?

Jun 24, 2021
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The fashion industry has been making changes to the way they buy, sell and market online. It’s no secret that digital fashion has risen to the surface of all fashion news. With COVID taking place, followed by a number of alarming climate changes, the industry has been given no choice but to follow the path of digital fashion, and it has definitely been worth it.

With brands releasing more inventive ideas, even going as far to rebrand entire collections, it’s becoming more important now than ever. Let’s take a look into why digital fashion is important, and ultimately rescoping the narrative for fashion retailers worldwide.


Fast fashion has been a trending topic, increasing their sales more than ever. This was a big opportunity at the hands of luxury brands to make a change in the way they portray themselves as a brand, and at length, becoming a safe and eco-friendly name in the world of luxury and fashion. Digital fashion offers a sustainable solution and was brought about by a much-needed global discussion of social consciousness about our environment and climate.

People all over the world are starting to notice their unsustainable fashion choices, giving the sustainable fashion industry an opportunity. A recently published report estimates that the value of the sustainable fashion industry currently is set to reach a great $8.25 billion by the year 2023.

Moreover, around 66% of respondents said that they consider sustainability when purchasing a luxury product. (The Business Research Company, 2020). Luxury fashion has been known for its use of unsustainable options, but things are turning around for luxury brands. Making it an easier purchase for brands is important, and noticing the effects of sustainability is significant in the buyer’s cycle.

In fact, 61% of people said a brand that cares about sustainability can make a difference to the brands they choose to buy from. Getting into the use of virtual reality and digital fashion isn’t only making it easier for business, but it’s increasing sales significantly.

Examples Virtual and Digital Fashion Offer

Looking into examples of such advancements carried out by digital and virtual reality fashion. Digital fashion defines as the visual representation of clothes made with computer technologies, particularly 3D software. Most of the clothes made are designed on computers, followed by the work of a 3D printer and printed exactly as they looked in the computers. With 3D printing, all the waste associated with the traditional making of clothes is avoided, smart clothes can be made advancing over the years rapidly.

Within digital fashion, lies virtual fashion. According to virtual fashion sources online, virtual fashion, in contrast to physical fashion, is designed and marketed for avatars and virtual platforms. Extending the idea of digital fashion, virtual fashion doesn’t print out the clothes designed digitally at all. The developed technology imagines the visual aesthetic of the creators, using graphic placements, colourways, and engineered print layouts, creating drape-sensitive fabrics. VR designs the clothing online, meaning it stays online allowing anyone the usage from social media advocates to gaming platforms like Sims.

Another benefit of digital fashion and use of virtual reality is reach. Brands are able to reach worldwide audiences and provide immersive and real-life experiences to new markets. As opposed to doing this physically, virtually means easier, quicker and more successful due to the masses you’d be able to target.

Independent designers and brands have a solid opportunity to produce clothing without wasting material or losing stocks, and this is a huge benefit in the industry.

Digital fashion is creating a turning point for the industry, allowing brands to release all-digital collections to join the innovative objective. But virtual and digital fashion isn’t only for the luxury fashion wearers, it’s also helped the wholesale process.

Wholesale Showrooms

Thanks to virtual reality, brands can now set up branded virtual showrooms displaying digital collections and designs, with features like colour and pattern changes. This is giving complete flexibility in the world of fashion buying, allowing opportunities to rise within the tap of a button.

This makes digital fashion as a whole, extremely important in the industry today. Not only are brands pleasing the masses with their newly developed collections, but also developing immersive strategies within their wholesale standpoint.

Showrooms are not just created for wholesale purposes. Brands also have created virtual shopping experiences showing their collections completely in 3D. This allows users from all over the world to shop inside a branded world and even try them on effectively, with AR technology.

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On the whole, digital fashion is leading the way and building an entire narrative. The importance of virtual reality technology and digital fashion for luxury fashion brands is increasing, following benefits like wholesale, sustainability, access, and increase in value of tech in fashion overall.

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