What does Facebook’s rebrand ‘Meta’ mean for Fashion?

Nov 4, 2021
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On October 28th 2021, Mark Zuckerberg spoke out during the annual Connect 2021 conference about the new name of Facebook Inc, Meta. In the words of Facebook founder Zuckerberg himself, this new name truly reflects who Facebook are and the future they hope to build. These days, we call the ‘metaverse’, an entire digital world that consolidates the experiences of all social media users. 

The new logo forms a band that signifies infinity, which replicates the comparable tone of the never-ending metaverse. 


“The metaverse will be an embodied internet where you’re in the experience, not just looking at it. You’ll be able to do almost anything you can imagine — get together with friends and family, work, learn, play, shop, create — as well as completely new experiences that don’t fit how we think about computers or phones today”.

Mark Zuckerberg

What opportunities are there for fashion?

The new branding isn’t just a simplistic blue logo to transform the world. It’s already unleashed some new and innovative strategies that will allow social users to tap into the virtual world, and the fashion industry is no exception to this. 

Users will be avatars, dressing and customizing as they require digitally. This is could potentially become one of the fascinating fields in digital fashion to date. The Connect conference took great pride in speaking on the endless possibilities for creators and brands. The new platform will bring a spark of realism to the internet. Fashion playing an essential role in the metaverse itself got around the conversation of creating style atmospheres and enhancing creativity throughout, providing anyone with the opportunity to design their p, personal spaces and worlds via its exclusive social virtual reality platforms Horizon Home and Horizon World. 


The opportunity arises for digital events, fashion shows, exhibitions, and workshops in real-time experiences. The emergence of NFT and collector items is particularly the direction to score superior achievement on the new platform. 

Ties to the real world

The metaverse, mixed with the current digital and physical worlds, makes it a USP for Facebook to grab hold of. Digital clothing that people can purchase for avatars is uniquely customised and considered collectables, allowing users to use them entirely across multiple platforms, differentiating them from today’s gaming platforms, which keep avatar clothing specific to them. 

AR is a significant factor in the metaverse, making the interactions and clothing available through augmented reality features. The app aims to merge everything to create a seamless, entirely personal experience and keep up to date with the changing trends. 


Something that stands out about this metaverse concept is how we could present avatars and our clothing, never minding the standards and limitations of the real world.

Some skeptics have already voiced their opinion, claiming that the social network’s move is nothing more than a publicity stunt meant to rebrand the troubled company and divert users’ attention from its current legal dealings.

Regardless of the outcome of this move, it is already bringing attention to a fashion industry that’s been due for a change and is already taking its first steps to make products accessible and cohesive cross-channel. Still, even more than that- make their service personal, individualized; one that puts customers first and reaches them instead of relying solely on in-store foot traffic. From Dolce & Gabanna’s recent NFT sell to Balenciaga’s collection dropping in a complete video game format, the luxury fashion is taking note, and the rest of the industry is following through

Whatever comes next for Facebook’s rebrand is both exciting and mysterious, but we’re looking forward to seeing how digital uncovers it all.

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