Virtual Reality transforming E-commerce

Mar 31, 2021
3 min read

The increase of mobile VR online shopping technology is expanding in the retail industry – and everyone seems to be adjusting their strategy to fit in. We see how retailers and consumers grow in the new age of online commerce. eCommerce is changing and brands wanting to stand out are not waiting any longer.

In a recent study, 77% of shoppers abandon their carts before even completing a purchase online. This was a sign to retailers to persuade the buyer to make a certain choice and follow through with their orders. Virtual reality gives the exact impression of innovative technology disrupting the current era, and it seems to have the answer to the problems faced. Partnered with VR is Augmented Reality, also showing great signs of potential in transforming the retail industry. Online shopping experiences have been similar for a while now, so to add some vibrancy to the eCommerce world, VR offers services such as online shopping experiences.

Retailers are able to build their own custom virtual showrooms and virtual stores. This leaves a thin line between visiting the store and going to the store physically, and customers are loving it, especially since the current global situation. Shopping online has become a new, exciting experience for viewers. The obvious grid layout on online stores doesn’t allow the brand to differentiate itself from the crowd. Fashion houses have found new ways to improve their own brand identity even more all while allowing visitors to enjoy an immersive experience in their virtual store. 

The list is endless, but most prominent out of all is the fact that you can bring your product to life using virtual reality. Technology has an alluring feature to allow visitors from the comfort of their own home to see the product they want in detail before actually purchasing it. The ‘try before you buy’ option, enhanced by augmented reality, has endless services and it allows the customer to see themselves wearing the product digitally. Not only this, but fashion comes with multiple creative showcasing advantages. Virtual stores and showrooms allow you, as a brand, to present it in a way that screams your brand name as loud as possible. Showcasing products has no limits with technology, meaning you can adjust your own virtual store to meet the expectations of your audience.

Whether it’s a royal castle or an imaginary planet, the choices and possibilities are endless. Leaving us to our last point, maximising numbers. This advanced, high-tech idea mixed with fashion and branding permits you to grow your online audience, or even better, create a whole new audience based on the idea of your creation. The younger generation is growing up in a society of mobile gaming apps and realistic HD videos. Attracting an audience that resonates with your brand can be much easier with the use of a VR online shopping experience. Emperia has a choice of futuristic fashion showrooms to inspire you here.

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