Shopping in The New World: How VR Display Technology Improves the Customer Experience

Oct 7, 2021
4 min read

Technology is acquiring an ever-increasing prominent role in retail. Virtual and augmented reality experiences are being used in creative and innovative ways to enhance the customer’s journey and help them engage at a deeper, more personal level with their favourite brands. This level of interactivity and intimacy wouldn’t be possible without a state of the art display technology, making the experience as realistic as possible for the customer. 

So how does VR display technology work, and what does it mean for the new shopping experience?

Lady Gaga x Dom Peringnon

What is VR Display Technology?

VR display technology essentially allows customers to view a 3D virtual world created around them using a screen or a head-mounted display (HMD). The more realistic the experience, the more engagement it’ll draw, which requires a top-level technology, developed by illustrators and developers, working side-by-side.

VR Online Experience

VR has also been making a splash on the internet, with customers being able to walk around virtual retail spaces and art galleries just by logging into their computer or handheld device. As with our Cyberdog project, where the online virtual shop is an interactive replica of the physical store, allowing those who cannot visit in person to experience the shop in all its glory. Being able to experience retail as if you were there has become all the more critical in the wake of Covid-19 when access to physical stores has been limited. The online virtual experience strives to give people the same amount of joy, whether by visiting a shop or a fashion house. Creating that seamless transition between the natural and virtual worlds helps make the customer’s journey smoother, more personal and more engaging. 


Benefits for Customers

VR display technology can help create a realistic and immersive world with the quality of the screen being able to reflect the quality of the products you are trying to sell, following through on the promise of a high-end, state-of-the-art experience. This helps customers engage with your products deeper and gives a new dimension to their engagement with your brand. Keeping the shopping experience fresh and innovative will encourage more sales as your customers keep pushing for more unique shopping experiences that cater specifically to them.

It can help make customers’ lives easier, allowing them to do their shopping from the comfort of their own home, with a bonus of having a unique and personalised experience, promising excitement for those who can find the online shopping process mundane after a while. People like to feel like they’re a part of something, and the interactivity that comes with VR shopping can help make their journey a lot more fun and worthwhile. 

Research into VR technology can also help to improve the shopper’s experience. In eye-tracking, for example, collected data can show developers what users focus on and what product placement is getting a more positive or negative reaction in the virtual world. They can then use this information to help tweak the experience, tailoring it to the customers and making it more personal and enjoyable. Developments in head-tracking technology also mean the virtual experience is smoother, with high response rates meaning less lag between your movement and what you see in the virtual world. It helps to make the experience a lot more comfortable and immersive.

VR display technology is revolutionary for the shopping market, helping to create whole new worlds that extend the physical presence of brands, making shopping an immersive and personal experience. High response rates and tracking technologies allow the experience to be smooth and accessible to customers, guaranteeing an enjoyable experience that increases the likelihood of them purchasing a product and becoming a loyal, repeating client to your brand. With the steps VR is making into the future and using more innovative and sleeker technology, the customer experience can only get more personalised, refined, and sophisticated.

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