Virtual Shopping Experiences: Dior Beauty, The Atelier of Dreams

Nov 18, 2021
3 min read

Virtual Reality has been around for quite a long time, but the search for its practical use beyond gaming was almost an industry standard.

Then came Covid – and it all changed.

Suddenly we were all connected to our screens virtually 24/7, and retailers were scrambling to find a way to make up for lost profits; in came a new era in E-commerce- virtual retail experiences. With e-commerce set to dominate sales at $6bn by 2024, and brands vying for the attention of their new luxury consumers (i.e. Gen-Z),  the focus on new and improved virtual experiences is only slated to grow.

What’s next?

The pandemic set the tone for a phase of e-commerce experimentation, but as we are slowly easing out of it, what once was a one-of experience now becomes a new retail force to be reckoned with. 

The luxury market is booming again and looking to maintain those post-lock-down numbers by extending its physical presence into the virtual world in a way that allows it to maintain its brand value while adding a layer of online accessibility, interaction and personalization, treating online visitors as individuals.

Virtual stores are no longer just a promotional tool; they are increasingly becoming brands’ permanent online stores, a space where they can change seasonal collections, hold events and meet their customers where they are most comfortable- at home. 

There are no physical construction limitations, no store hours, a 24/7 on-market, walls of leaves or floors of water; it is a new retail world that’s not bound by reality. Add user movement tracking, personal choices and shopping habits, and you got a whole new retail frontier, one that is not lost on technology giants such as Meta (Facebook).

Dior Beauty

There is no better season for e-commerce innovation and creativity than the Christmas holiday season when shopping. Case and point, Emperia’s recent released luxury fashion house Dior Beauty’s pop-up virtual experience,  in collaboration with British luxury department store Harrods. 


The virtual experience, known as the Atelier of Dreams, opens up to a stunning, magical fantasy world covered in purple and gold blossoming flowers. The shopping experience takes visitors on a magical festive journey through Dior’s beauty collection, fragrance range, and various holiday collector items. The VR experience seamlessly extends Harrods in-store pop-up experiences, adding an extra layer of interactivity while allowing shoppers to purchase their favourite Dior Beauty items directly off the virtual rack.

Dior’s spectacular virtual beauty pop-up is an exclusive Harrods experience, which allows anybody in the world to view, shop and enjoy the luxury that the Dior brand represents without having to make it to the store, and that’s precisely where luxury fashion brands are transitioning to. More accessible, more gen-z friendly and a lot more upscale and luxurious. Online.

The virtual shopping experience takes place from 18th November 2021 to 24th December 2021. You can visit the magnificent online world here!

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