Virtual Reality Engaging Art Lovers

May 20, 2021
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Virtual reality has picked up momentum in the art world, highlighting art galleries and exhibitions first and foremost. Art galleries haven’t had an experience that they can rely on to help engage an audience digitally and worldwide. The past few years have seen an increase in the use of virtual reality (VR) in art gallery/exhibition environments in an attempt for businesses to embrace technological innovations and adapt to the challenges of the digital era. 

How are museums and art galleries using art as a tool for engagement?

Art being the center of imagination left no question for the uses of virtual reality as a tool for engaging clients, visitors and collectors. The idea of a space being unobtainable in the physical setting is already an integral part of why VR makes heads turn. The engagement of virtual galleries increased as visitors learned the benefits of visiting digitally as opposed to physically. Time and typically money are two main factors which are ruled out from the beginning. Once again, the space is completely online and timeless, allowing visitors to be anywhere in the world and enjoying the passion for art for as long as preferred. 

Seeing an artwork from your own home, yet crystal clear with 360-degree options and zoom capabilities have not only pleased the visitors and lovers of art themselves, but also the collectors and investors alike. The idea of being able to make art deals online increases as virtual meetings are now the new normal, meaning art sales are increasing considerably. This source of engagement has pushed art galleries to create VIP exclusive art shows or art rooms, as it’s another way to push sales within the digital era. 

VR is known for making paintings become alive, allowing the visitor to enter the painting and the world created by the artist. This use provides the visitor with an intensified aesthetic experience and enhances art appreciation.

A glimpse into Maddox Gallery’s virtual exhibition

For example, Maddox Gallery presented a virtual exhibition by artist Grace McCalla. The show was dedicated to the passion of Halloween and all things horror. Grace requested an entirely spooky setting to partner with her impressive yet also Halloween-themed artwork. Virtual reality allowed the artist and gallery to think outside the box and create something new, immersive, and exciting for visitors to experience. The visitors didn’t only engage in the artwork but also spent time on the exhibition itself as a whole. The features included creaking doors and floorboards, spooky music, blood-stained carpets, and even custom lights in which the artist designed herself. 

This space was extremely personalised to the artist and galleries choices, which makes the art world even more inviting and inventive. Reciting analytics, over 50% of visitors returned to the horror-inspired gallery more than once, making it an entertainment destination. 

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