Snap Galleries’ owner, Guy White, embraces Emperia’s immersive art technology

Nov 12, 2021
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Contemporary pop culture specialist and retail art gallery owner at Snap Galleries shares all in an exclusive Emperia interview.

“We at Snap Galleries created a virtual art gallery because, long term, the future of our business was going to involve a move to a fully online gallery rather than a physical space. I was on the lookout for a virtual space provider who was creating something a step-up in quality compared to the “virtual” areas I had seen – which typically seemed to involve having your actual space photographed and were a little clunky.

I was attracted to the idea of creating a space that didn’t have any constraints re ceiling heights, uneven walls, plug sockets and fire alarms in annoying places – i.e. something that could get around some of the practical limitations of IRL (in real life) galleries.”

Guy White, Snap Galleries Owner

Gallery owner White had a virtual art gallery on his mind for a couple of months, and when the Emperia team researched out with the idea, it was instant.

“I had known Anthony Gammell (Head of Business Development – Arts & Culture, Emperia) for a long time, and he happened to call me out of the blue for a catch-up, and mentioned Emperia,” said Guy. “The timing was perfect, but it all depended on the quality. Anthony came to see me and opened my eyes to what Emperia had done for other galleries and could do for me. Once I saw some examples, it was an easy decision – the quality of Emperia’s offering was vastly superior to anything I had seen.”

Visit Snap Galleries recent exhibition here.

Snap Galleries Experience with Emperia

“Our first couple of projects were before the introduction of Apollo (Emepria’s do-it-yourself art platform), and I was on a learning curve regarding the technology. I found it easy to use, although it was pretty labour intensive for me to create the captions and information for each picture, creating a spreadsheet for the tech team. Apollo overcomes this, allowing me to input data about each picture directly into the software and spot any text mistakes early. I found that the software worked very smoothly to layout the images and resized them in situ on the walls – an exceptionally user-friendly feature with the automatic sizing guides that pop up. Anthony fronted the team, so I never had direct dealings with any tech team, but my questions and issues were always dealt with promptly.” said Guy.

Was the final result you’d you’d envisioned?

The results were precise as envisioned for the Snap Galleries team. Emperia created a space just as they had hoped it would be – “very realistic and easy to navigate for visitors. And scalable – as it consists of two rooms that can be used together or separately.” said Guy.

3 Questions, 3 Answers

What is your favourite feature(s) about Apollo?

The ability to play around with layouts, resize pictures and change positions as much as I need to be completely ready.

Was it easy to use?

Yes – very.

Would you create your future virtual galleries with Emperia?

Yes – I am planning a virtual museum to include multiple rooms and rotating exhibitions. This is coming soon…

Stay tuned for Snap Galleries up coming virtual exhibitions with us here at Emperia.

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