Must-see Trending Virtual Art Galleries

Aug 12, 2021
3 min read

The rise of virtual reality art galleries has been notable.

Virtual art galleries gained more popularity since the pandemic spread in 2020 and their growing popularity amongst younger audiences, driving galleries to find new and innovative ways to present their art and fairs. The immersive technology didn’t stop at the aesthetics, though, with galleries understanding the vast potential when virtually offering to the public.

Being used to promote artists’ works and new exhibitions, virtual technology enhances the online art selling process like never before. Statistics recently show that total sales of the online art and antique market worldwide comes to 12.4 billion USD. 

Allowing galleries to reach a virtually unlimited audience volume and removing any physical space boundaries, virtual galleries are the new way to extend one’s creative space beyond the physical world and personalise the experience for new, often younger audiences, demanding an ultra-customized experience.

Here we present to you the most diverse and notable galleries for you to visit virtually today.


Emperia worked alongside Christie’s to create a spectacular online private sale exhibition, one in which art collectors and buyers can acquire art and antiques in the most immersive way.

Works are available for direct purchase, and buyers can view the art in high definition and highly intricate detail, thanks to Emperia’s in-house technology. 

‘Expanding Horizons: From European Decorative to Contemporary Arts’ focuses on cross-pollination between Eastern and Western art traditions. Supposing European decorative arts with post-war and contemporary art from and inspired by Asia, buyers can explore the curated virtual gallery for a closer look.

Christie's Virtual Art Gallery

Paris Saint-Germain

Football club Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) celebrated its 10th anniversary since Qatar Sports Investments became its head. Inside, the mixture of sports and art brings a captivating and smooth virtual art exhibition walking through the club’s career. 

Based on Paris’s beauty, a virtual standing of the grand Eiffel Tower is towering the french windows. The virtual exhibition is truly an experience, with PSG acquiring over 900 users within the first week of its launch. 

PSG Virtual Art Gallery

Galloire x Nick Veasey

Galloire is the first gallery in the Middle East to present a virtual reality linked with augmented reality providing a complete online experience.

The digital experience is starring British contemporary artist Nick Veasey, well-recognised for his x-ray images of everything from luxury supercars to Marvel superheroes. 

The experience is engaging and immersive, giving you an entire span of the artist’s works while touring the open, bright gallery online. 

Galloire Virtual Art Gallery

Snap Galleries

Snap Galleries is well known for its focus on pop culture, introducing multiple virtual galleries featuring musical legends such as The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Rolling Stones and more.

This time, Emperia created a virtual gallery for the UK’s most crucial music photographer Roger Sargent, showcasing photographs of The Libertines band throughout their career. 

This gallery highlights stunning photographs of the rock ‘n’ roll band inside a virtual-only space from a wide range of exceptional choices. From spiral staircases to high ceilings, the virtual gallery is remarkably real-life but with a twist. You can view it anywhere in the world, whenever you choose to. 

Snap Galleries Virtual Art Gallery

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