Metaverse takeover at NYFW

Sep 21, 2022
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This year’s New York Fashion Week (NYFW) was different from what we are usually used to at this time of the year. With the advancement of Web3 and lucrative opportunities in the metaverse, numerous brands have sprinted straight into it with the advantages of executing this technology in their showcasing.

Digital Fashion Week, NY is a lens through which we view the future of fashion. This September of 2022, we saw designers and retailers choose between phygital/digital runways or fashion animations and experiences.

So, what are the top moments from NYFW that have made use of the metaverse?


Afterpay Limited is transforming the way we pay by allowing customers to buy products immediately and pay for their purchases over up to four instalments. A very handy tool for all types of consumers who see the urgency in their buying habits. Afterpay has footed into the world of NFTs with its collection: The Keys to NYFW.

These NFTs are a sequence of digital collectables developed in collaboration with leading designers.

Each NFT unlocked holds the key to a unique NYFW experience as well as limited edition items. AfterPay provides physical access, unlocks special items, and offers designer art in the NFTs themselves, with Afterpay’s midpoint business, buyers of the $100 NFTs were given the option of paying for the NFT by instalments.

Tommy Hilfiger

It’s been almost three years since Tommy Hilfiger presented their collection at NYFW, and this one has a twist compared to three years ago. This isn’t just a simple show, this time, it’s held on Roblox, the social media and gaming platform to be on right now. This platform is widely popular with Gen Z and millennials.

Those that attended the Roblox virtual experience obtained the power to purchase digital exclusives.

Players could choose to watch either a virtual version or a live stream of the in-person event within the Roblox universe, as well as purchase digital see-now-buy-now counterparts of the IRL collection, with prices ranging from 50 Robux or 63 cents (the app’s currency) to 200 Robux ($2.50 or 17.31 RMB).

We can see why Hilfiger picked the platform Roblox for a digital runway, as it worked so well for them before.


Emperia’s very own project made its debut during NYFW, and the experience was quite the extravaganza.

American luxury department store Bloomingdale’s marked their 150th anniversary, and celebrated by partnering with us at Emperia to showcase a fascinating, engaging virtual store within the metaverse over NYFW.

The virtual store showcases products from Polo Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacobs, David Yurman, and other luxury brands. Visitors to the virtual store can view a video highlighting the transformation of Bloomingdale’s over time, play games, receive access to an exclusive anniversary-themed collection, and more.

“We are honoured that Bloomingdale’s chose to partner with Emperia during a time when the company is marking its 150-year celebration, highlighting its historic achievements and contributions to the fashion world through its unique retail approach. Highlighting their continued mark on the fashion industry, they keep pushing the limits of innovation, serving as an example of how to use cutting-edge technology that creates a highly engaging, memorable online shopping experience,” Olga Dogadkina, co-founder & CEO of Emperia.

As one of the highlights of NYFW and the talk of the fashion world, Bloomingdale’s has set the stand for other brands to probe the prospects of the metaverse.

Digital NYFW

NYFW took digital as well as physical, including virtual events for anyone in the world to attend for free. The event by DFW New York ‘Into the Metaverse’ took place from September 7-11, and included runway shows, immersive experiences, panel discussions, virtual expo’s and more.

Emperia’s CEO Olga Dogadkina spoke at the events panel discussions, ‘Web 3.0 from a brand perspective’ (Are we really poised for change in the fashion industry?).


This immersive runway show conveyed the past, present, and future of the brand, as well as launching ‘Black Station’. The vibrant destination combines Puma’s consumers with web activations and is their new portal for all things fashion, sports performance, and the brand’s heritage classics.

At ‘Black Station’ exclusive never-seen-before Nitro NFRNO and Nitro Fastroid sneakers linked to PUMA’s recent NFT Nitropass mint were also revealed.

Those who minted a Nitropass can acquire two NFTs – one tied to physical products and one that unlocks a customized experience connected to their chosen shoe.

Without a doubt, NYFW has grasped the lucrative possibilities that the metaverse has to offer, and brands are definitely thinking outside the box to reach and succeed in further levels of web 3.0.

Discover more about how you can enter the metaverse, and how your brand can develop the next best experience online.

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