Demand For Luxury Fashion Virtual Experiences Increse

May 17, 2021
2 min read

Successful luxury brands are digging deeper into creating luxury fashion virtual experiences for their customers. Physical satisfaction walks side by side with digital experiences, allowing for a mesmeric digital experience like never before.

Virtual reality technology is becoming the next best thing for brands to invest in, and it’s not just digital fashion shows anymore. Experimenting with the interest of online shopping and creating an enchanting adventure across e-Commerce with virtual fashion stores is no exception to the recent demand in virtual solutions in fashion.


An example of this would be the recently launched experience by Burberry X Harrods, built by Emperia. This one-of-a-kind virtual pop-up store unveils the highly anticipated Burberry bag Olympia, giving it a digital setting to prove all its glory. Taking the centre stage alongside the modern interior and 3D sky and heavenly clouds is the bag featured in 3 limited edition colours. A 36-view feature and Augmented Reality allow the customers to get a real and up-close look at details, just like they would in real life.

Fashion brands are constantly seeking a new way to be innovative with their experiences, but also pushing the boundaries and letting their character shine through. This is a seamless step in the evolution of building luxury fashion virtual experiences with a virtual store. For example, Burberry features their modern icon the Greek goddess Elpis – the spirit of hope. This doesn’t only create an interesting viewing experience but also makes a mark on the brand identity itself. 

Exclusivity is an attribute that comes with virtual stores. Fashion brands are able to create appointment-only features, giving that sense of a bespoke and intimate experience for the customers. Personal shopping in real time is a feature that lets the customer feel as though they are part of the brand without having to travel there themselves which is incredibly important during the pandemic.

Visit the Harrods x Burberry project here.

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