How are NFTs related to the Metaverse and why virtual goods are the early signs of a new economy?

May 13, 2022
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Reality has not had a singular meaning for a while now. The metaverse provides a new way for people to get more out of life, discover new things about themselves and technology, and become a part of brand new communities of people from all over the globe, all in a modern virtual setting.

None of it would be possible without the use of NFTs. Turning the virtual world into a virtual reality hinges entirely on the accessibility of the different aspects of the metaverse, creating an income and profit that will help keep the metaverse running, giving it space to grow and develop from both a business and a social sense.

NFT in the Metaverse | Emperia

Why NFTs Are Used in the Metaverse

There are a couple of different ways to sell, buy and monetize the metaverse. One of these ways is through cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, allowing users to trade virtual currencies for virtual goods, such as purchasing NFTs.

The critical difference is that cryptocurrencies are fungible – meaning people can trade them for another identical item – and NFTs are, by definition, non-fungible. They are wholly unique items without replicas, and no two NFTs are interchangeable as they don’t hold the same meaning. It would be like trying to replace a lost painting with a houseplant. They are two unique items with two special effects on your lifestyle and experiences.

NFTs offer a lot more variety and possibility than cryptocurrency. The latter essentially only being a virtual alternative to the pounds and pennies we’re all so familiar with in our day-to-day lives. This helps to make them a more valuable commodity in virtual reality as it works to ensure that each user is getting a unique, one-of-a-kind experience.

This, in turn, makes the metaverse a more worthwhile place to visit as each journey will be different from the last and will encourage users to return to discover something new and snag more NFTs along the way.

What Can NFTs Be Used For in the Metaverse?

Unlike cryptocurrencies that only provide a financial venture most are already accustomed to in the real world, NFTs come with many uses and possibilities that can personalise and enhance the virtual experience.

Artwork and video clips are popular entertainment mediums that can be purchased as NFTs in the metaverse, allowing users to interact with each other and explore their creativity, crafting a colourful and lively world that people will want to spend time in.

People can also use them for PFPs (profile pictures) and other digital assets that can be used to enhance and improve your virtual avatar and personalise the experience further.

NFT avatars and other social benefits to non-fungible trading are not the only advantages this virtual currency can give you. They can also be used to enhance and develop your virtual businesses, generating revenue and adding to the metaverse economy.

NFT in the metaverse | Emperia
Image: Adidas

You can even use NFTs in the metaverse to purchase virtual land and acquire a plot of real estate to build your business on. Good real estate can help your marketing strategy and brand recognition in the virtual world, broadening your customer base and personalising your business for each potential buyer, adding depth to your business that you cannot achieve with a fungible cryptocurrency.

The Security of NFTs in the Metaverse

One of the most critical topics in conversations surrounding NFTs is their security. Keeping people’s money safe is an essential facet of any business, and NFTs are no different, especially in the metaverse where brand new versions of society have the potential to grow and develop.

The primary feature of NFTs is that they are unique digital assets that have exclusive ownership to whosoever traded for them. A key concern of NFTs is that they are straightforward to duplicate simply by screenshotting an image – if it is digital art – but only the person who purchases the NFT will have the ownership and control over the asset, which is naturally a rare phenomenon. You can also use your crypto wallet to ensure more in-depth security for your NFTs in the metaverse.

You have to back up your NFT ownership to your wallet, where you keep the digital keys that symbolise your claim to the asset. If you own the digital file of the NFT as well, which is likely, you can back this up to prevent accidentally deleting it.

It’s the same principle as backing up important files in the physical world, storing copies on USB sticks or the cloud so that the assets are always retrievable and kept secure – so long as you keep the purchase’s financial information safe.

Because of the importance of NFTs to the metaverse economy and its future, it’s essential to understand what they can do for you individually and for the community as a whole. NFTs will help revolutionise the virtual experience and encourage originality in a world where everything may feel similar to the real world.

Having a handle on how to keep NFTs secure will also help as you begin to make a name for yourself in the metaverse, ensuring that you get in on the ground floor and have a solid economic foothold which you can use to elevate yourself above the competition and come one step closer to realising your dream of being an integral part of the new virtual future.

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