Emperia’s new website wins FWA Website of The Day Award

Nov 27, 2020
1 min read

On the 1stof September 2020, Emperia’s new website won an FWA award.  

FWA showcases innovation since 2000 with a mission to present cutting edge creativity, ‘regardless of the medium or technology used’.  They have an international team of over 300 judges, from over 35 countries, who vote daily on submitted projects.  

Emperia’s new website shows creativity, thanks to the outstanding style of virtual art galleries and exhibitions that push the boundaries. The website shows all the VR projects so far, what Emperia does and stunning visuals to explore. The website is exciting as it offers innovative, progression and future thinking work that FWA was attracted to.  

We will continue to push the Internet generation sharing new digital experiences.   

Have a look here below!


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