Five things to remember when planning your virtual fashion store

Apr 20, 2021
3 min read

Open spaces work.

When thinking about your virtual fashion store, remember that there are no limitations in the digital world. You can create a custom space that duplicates your physical store; however, you can create anything in any location you choose. If your physical location lacks the space to separate your different designs and creations, why not extend it in your virtual world. 

A large open space can create an atmosphere of wonder, allowing the viewer to see your entire collection in all its grandeur. Large areas are more impressive than tight smaller spaces, and they can also help to create a more effortless navigation experience for your potential customers. 

Try to limit your clothing pieces to fifty.

While there are no technical limits to the amount of products displayed in the virtual store, sticking to lower quantities of styles displayed can boost customer engagement and reduce digital fatigue. We suggest showcasing the best-selling and strongest pieces from your collection, using it as a branding and display tool rather than a 3D version of your line sheet.

Virtual space seasonality.

No matter the season, you can match your virtual store to your creations and the atmosphere you want to produce. The subtle changes of colours and decorative elements in the virtual space can reflect the seasonal collection’s mood, creating the perfect atmosphere for your clients to experience the collection whilst continuously keeping the experience fresh and inspiring.

The theme should be long term.

Your virtual store is an investment. It is always best practice to think of a theme with longevity and relate to your brand. Minor adjustments can be made as the season’s change, but it is good to consider what you wish your main canvas to look like.  You want to create a lasting experience that visitors will want to return to when your collections alternate. Think of your theme as a physical store; you won’t want to change it every season, but it will be a constant representation of the brand identity.

Audio can increase engagement times.

Audio can help increase the atmosphere and ambience of your virtual store by a substantial margin. You have the ability to add a soundtrack that can enhance the experience of your store. In addition to music, you can add designer narrations. This can give your brand a more personal feel and provide a background story to the collection while your customers browse your virtual experience


If you follow these five simple steps, your virtual fashion store can be something that’s lasting and helps your brand showcase your products and services while wowing your browsers and potential customers. Your virtual space can help you reach a global audience and provide a modern platform to illustrate your brand’s culture and vibe. 

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