Maximizing the Potential of 360° Product Views

Apr 27, 2023
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As online shopping continues to dominate the retail landscape, businesses are constantly on the lookout for novel ways to showcase their products to customers. Among the various methods, 360-degree product videos have emerged as a promising option. 

With Emperia, you can provide your consumers with this method, through its Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, Artemis, which enables brands to seamlessly integrate 3D product visuals into their virtual stores. With this feature, retailers can provide customers with a more engaging and immersive shopping experience, one that presents a detailed and accurate product view.

If you’re eager to learn about the benefits of integrating this feature into your virtual store and how it can enhance your customer’s shopping experience, reduce return rate and increase online sales – keep reading. 

What are 360° products and why are they important?

360° products are three-dimensional representations of products that offer a complete view from every angle, delivering a highly immersive and interactive experience for customers. 

Unlike traditional 2D product images, 360° product videos enable customers to explore the product from multiple perspectives, zoom in on specific details, and better understand its features and functionality, even down to the minutest details like the seams on a garment! This magnitude of detail goes beyond what a plain e-commerce website could offer, resulting in a more engaging and trustworthy customer experience. With this level of detail, customers can gain the same level of trust in the product as if they were physically standing in a store and browsing the items in person.

360° Product Display

The benefits of 360° product videos extend way beyond customer engagement and loyalty. By using these videos, businesses can reduce costs associated with creating 3D product models. They also eliminate the need for physical product samples, making it possible to showcase products that are not yet available, reducing lead times and accelerating the product development cycle.

How 3D can turn browsers into buyers

As online shopping becomes increasingly prevalent, consumers expect more than just a flat, two-dimensional visual representation of a product. They desire a more immersive experience that allows them to view the product as if they were examining it on a mannequin in their own home.

3D visuals offer a comprehensive solution to consumer demands as they not only provide visually stunning representations of products but also have the potential to convert casual browsers into buyers. By providing customers with a complete view of the product, they can better assess sizes, shapes, colors, and the overall quality of each item. This level of detail can make customers feel more confident in their purchase decisions.

According to studies, over 90% of consumers consider the quality of visual content when depicting a particular item as the deciding factor in their purchasing choices.

High-quality visuals of products are essential for any brand hoping to stand out in the competitive e-commerce landscape. As customers cannot physically touch or try on a product when shopping online, they rely on images and videos to provide an accurate representation of the product. If a virtual store’s images or videos are of low quality, customers may assume the same for the product and look elsewhere, resulting in a loss of sales.

Making Magic with Minimal Effort when Creating 360° Product Displays

With Artemis, generating these stunning visuals is now a breeze. After setting up Emperia, our team of specialists will provide you with clear guidance on utilizing all the amazing capabilities of Artemis, including the 360 product function.

To ensure compatibility with Artemis, you need to follow some guidelines – 

  • Your 360 video files should be in either .mov or .mp4 format and allow only one full clockwise rotation to optimize file compression and quick loading.
  • Your 360 video image rotation should be centered and cropped with as little space around the object as possible. 
  • If your product is produced on a mannequin, you’ll need to specify this during the upload process. 
  • Lastly, the optimal frame rate for a 360 video should be between 30 and 60 fps. With these guidelines, you can get your virtual store set up and filled with these beautiful visuals. 
360° Product Display

Pioneering the Future of Visual Merchandising

As the retail industry continues to shift towards online shopping, virtual merchandising is becoming increasingly important. 360 product videos are leading the way by providing a highly effective solution for showcasing products and improving product interaction, allowing consumers to browse garments in immense detail from anywhere around the world. 

360° Product Display Within A Virtual Store

They are revolutionizing the way we think about visual merchandising and are set to play a significant role in the future of e-commerce.


360-degree product displays are an excellent way for businesses to enhance their virtual stores and provide customers with an engaging and immersive shopping experience. 

With Emperia’s Artemis platform, creating these visuals has become effortless, and businesses can enjoy the benefits of increased customer retention, reduced return rates, and lower costs associated with traditional 3D rendering or photography. By following some simple guidelines, businesses can get their virtual stores up and running with these stunning visuals and pioneer the future of visual merchandising in the competitive e-commerce landscape. For any brand aiming to distinguish itself in the realm of online shopping, this transformative feature is an indispensable asset.

To read more about what the new Artemis updates have to offer for your virtual store, click here.

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