Enhancing Product Engagement: Leveraging Try-On Technology in Virtual Stores

Aug 2, 2023
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In the ever-evolving landscape of online shopping, virtual stores are becoming powerful tools to cultivate consumer confidence and drive product engagement. As consumers seek an immersive and trustworthy shopping experience, brands are turning to innovative solutions like virtual try-on technology to bridge the gap between digital retail and the traditional in-store experience. 

In response to Gen Z’s preference for online shopping, brands are embracing virtual try-on technology to create an immersive and trustworthy digital retail experience. By offering highly descriptive products and interactive features, customers can visualize items more effectively, boosting confidence in purchasing decisions and enhancing product engagement. This tech-savvy approach sets a new standard for the future of online shopping.

In this blog, we explore the significance of try-on technology in virtual stores, how it influences consumer behavior, and why brands should embrace this transformative trend to stay ahead in the competitive e-commerce realm.

How Try-On Technology Boosts Product Engagement

Try-On technology is revolutionizing the way consumers interact with products in virtual stores, significantly boosting product engagement. By offering customers the opportunity to virtually try on products, such as clothing, accessories, or makeup, brands are enabling a more personalized and immersive shopping experience. The ability to visualize how a product looks and fits in real-time fosters a sense of connection and trust, instilling confidence in purchasing decisions. 

As customers explore different options through Try-On technology, they become more invested in the products and are more likely to make informed choices, leading to increased conversions and customer satisfaction. With Try-On technology at the forefront of virtual stores, brands are creating a seamless and captivating shopping journey that keeps customers coming back for more.

How Virtual Try-Ons Drive Conversion Rates

Virtual try-ons have emerged as a potent tool in boosting conversion rates for online retailers. With virtual try-ons, customers gain a deeper understanding of the products’ suitability, leading to a higher likelihood of making a purchase. 

Virtual try-ons not only contribute to higher conversion rates but also hold the potential to address the critical issue of reducing return rates, which has been a major concern for retailers. High return rates not only incur additional costs for businesses but also have negative implications for sustainability, as they contribute to increased waste and carbon emissions associated with product transportation. By enabling customers to virtually try on products before making a purchase, retailers can minimize the chances of unsuitable items being ordered, thereby reducing the need for returns and promoting more sustainable shopping practices.

When consumers have a clear understanding of your products, they are more inclined to make a purchase, especially with 71% of shoppers favoring video content when making buying decisions. Additionally, 87% of Gen Z prefers product videos, highlighting the importance of video marketing in engaging and appealing to this influential demographic.

Virtual try-ons are revolutionizing the way customers engage with products, and Apple’s new product ‘Apple Vision Pro’ is set to play a massive role in this transformative experience. With its advanced technology, ‘Apple Vision Pro’ will offer brands an unparalleled platform to fully immerse their fans with their products, right from the comfort of their own homes. 

This innovative tool will enable customers to virtually try on products, providing a realistic and interactive shopping experience. By incorporating ‘Apple Vision Pro’ into their e-commerce strategies, brands can harness the power of virtual try-ons to significantly enhance conversion rates and elevate the overall shopping journey for their customers.

L’Occitane’s Virtual Store Innovation: The Ultimate Multi-Touch Video Experience

L’Occitane, the renowned skincare brand, stands out as an excellent example of a beauty company that has taken strides to enhance the interactive shopping experience for skincare products. The successful launch of their first virtual store demonstrates their dedication to providing comprehensive product visuals and interactive elements, allowing customers to explore textures, colors, and functionalities in a more engaging and tangible manner.

To accomplish this, Emperia formed a strategic partnership with Momenti, an immersive media platform specializing in bringing interactive videos to life. Together, we have collaborated to create an extraordinary multi-touch video experience within L’Occitane’s virtual store. 

This cutting-edge technology allows customers to explore a wide range of skincare products in more detail, including some of their bestselling items like the ‘Shea Butter Hand Cream’ and ‘Almond Supple Skin Oil’. With the ability to closely examine these products, customers gain an in-depth understanding of how they can be applied and the textures, providing a unique opportunity to assess their suitability before making a purchase. 

This heightened level of product exploration not only instills confidence in customers’ buying decisions but also leads to higher conversion rates and reduced cart abandonments. L’Occitane’s commitment to innovation and our partnership with Momenti has truly elevated the shopping experience, leaving customers satisfied and eager to return for more.

Enhancing customer confidence through virtual try-ons and 360° product visuals

Building customer confidence is crucial for brands to succeed, and virtual try-ons offer a revolutionary approach to achieving this goal. By allowing customers to virtually try on products, such as clothing, accessories, and makeup, brands provide an interactive and immersive shopping experience. This technology bridges the gap between the physical and digital retail realms, granting customers the ability to visualize how products will look and fit before making a purchase. Moreover, with the integration of 360° product visuals through Emperia’s Artemis platform, customers can explore products from all angles, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the items they are interested in. 

This combination of virtual try-ons and 360° product visuals not only delights customers but also empowers them to make informed and confident purchasing decisions, leading to increased customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Maybelline, the beloved makeup brand, parent to L’Oreal, is yet another compelling example of leveraging virtual try-on technology to enhance customer engagement. Introducing 12 Maybelline Virtual Makeup Looks for Teams, the brand takes virtual experiences to the next level, offering users the opportunity to elevate their Microsoft Teams meetings with the first-ever virtual makeup options. 

With just a simple click, users can select from a variety of 12 virtual makeup looks that perfectly complement their personal style, making them feel their best whether working from home, exploring Maybelline products, or simply seeking to boost their confidence. 

Powered by Modiface AI and developed in collaboration with the Geena Davis Institute, each look comes with a product breakdown, detailing the Maybelline New York product and shade used to create the virtual look, allowing users to recreate the desired look in real life. This innovative and immersive approach exemplifies how Maybelline is at the forefront of enhancing customer experiences through virtual try-on technology, making beauty exploration and expression more accessible and enjoyable than ever before.


As we embrace this transformative trend, brands are better positioned to thrive in the ever-competitive e-commerce landscape, delivering exceptional product engagement and instilling trust in their valued customers. With virtual try-ons reshaping the online shopping experience, the future of e-commerce holds boundless possibilities for brands and consumers alike.

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