Emperia presents NFT marketplace Brytehall’s new conceptual pop-up showroom

Mar 24, 2022
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Emperia Brytehall

Emperia presents premium NFT marketplace Brytehall’s brand new conceptual pop-up showroom ‘Fashion Eden’ as part of the Inaugural Decentraland Metaverse Fashion Week. The Emperia-developed experience will be running from the 24th – 27th March, appearing on the rooftop of the ‘Cash Labs’ Art Gallery and Screening Space, within Decentraland. 

Fashion Eden opens up to an enchanted virtual garden where a sea of flowers will meet visitors. The divine space is circled by exquisite displays of digital fashion and art. To demonstrate its ambition to grow and support Asian entrepreneurial talent in sustainability and innovation, the creations will be auctioned exclusively on Brytehall with a portion of the revenue to the Vogue Singapore Foundation, benefiting Asian entrepreneurial talent showing strides in strides sustainability.

Emperia Brytehall

Bettina von Schlippe, the co-founder of Brytehall, stated, “As our real and virtual worlds continue to collide, we are excited to participate in an event like Metaverse Fashion Week. This event further signifies how the fashion industry embraces the metaverse, and we look forward to presenting a concept that supports emerging design talent and sustainability”.

The concept further cements Brytehall’s presence in the NFT space and within momentous metaverse spaces, such as Decentraland. The Metaverse Fashion Week event also persists in Brytehall’s commitment to bridging real and digital worlds by offering digital and phygital assets.

The Collection

The collection offers a unique collaboration between two eminent creators: The MetaArt Club artist, architect and digital couturier Niccolo Casas and multi-faceted digital video artist FrankNitty3000

Casas has created a phygital couture piece to be sold at auction as a one-of-one animated 3D NFT. The buyer has the opportunity to purchase this hero NFT as a phygital, 3D-printed couture dress, priced at US$33,000, including the digital atelier process of customisation and fitting to the buyer’s body. Casas will oversee the fitting, 3D printing and delivery of this iconic piece of couture apparel. His couture dress will also be reimagined as an edition of 25 art NFTs. A phygital bracelet completes the collection, as an edition of 15 NFTs, complete with a 3D printed bracelet by Casas, made of recycled bio-resin.

“Virtual reality is transforming the way people can interact and access fashion and art, bringing international exhibits to people across the globe; we are excited that our technology is leading both industries in this new journey to the metaverse.” Olga Dogadkina, co-founder and CEO, Emperia.

Emperia Brytehall

Visitors to ‘Fashion Eden’ will have the option to collect an exclusive POAP – a digital badge displaying their attendance at the Brytehall space during the first Metaverse Fashion Week.

During and after the event, Brytehall will host Clubhouse Rooms, and Twitter Spaces will take place, opening a dialogue about the pop-up and Metaverse Fashion Week.

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