World’s First Virtual Store Management Platform: Emperia’s Artemis

Feb 23, 2022
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2022 has been paramount to the way retail brands have dealt with the new reality of closures and business disruptions. Striving to get to their loyal and potential consumers, retailers were looking for new ways to reach shoppers, utilizing technology and virtual campaigns, starting to finally utilize the power of the internet in a way that really appeals to the fast-paced, individual Gen Z consumer, in its own native habitat.

2023 only sees this trend escalating, with brands realizing the real potential of e-commerce, changing their approach and making that one-of virtual experience marketing campaign into a permanent, online flagship store, offering unique and highly engaging online spaces that attract online shoppers and keep bringing them back for more.

But the surge in online shopping presents its new challenges as brands are realizing that managing a virtual store while aligning with their physical world’s presence, is not as easy and that trying to maintain a leadership position in the fast-paced, competitive environment they operate in requires a whole new set of solutions. Enters Artemis- Emperia’s new virtual store management platform.

What is Artemis?

Artemis is the first of its kind, unique SaaS (Software as a Service) platform developed by Emperia, giving brand teams the free reign to create their online experiences with full control over visual merchandising and space decor customization.

US personal luxury retail sales reached nearly $110 billion in 2022, with e-commerce accounting for 22.7% of the total, a slightly higher share than China’s 21.5% of $78.23 billion. It’s no surprise that luxury brands are opening their minds to immersive online experiences to differentiate themselves from the mainstream market and share brand values awareness, to increase customer loyalty across the board.

Emperia has had its fair share of collaborations with some of the biggest luxury brands to date. Designing and developing unique and engaging experiences for brands such as Dior Beauty, Harrods, Burberry, Lady Gaga, Dom Perignon and more, and with an increasing demand for permanent, flagship virtual stores, it was only a matter of time before launching an ultra-current platform, that offers brands that opportunity to utilize opulent, pre-made and fully customizable layouts and product placement. 

The new platform includes four different template options, designed by Emperia’s in-house creative team: Obsidian, Beautyscape, Arcadia and Island Palace. The brands can either choose from the beautifully designed pre-made spaces and fit them to their branding or develop their own layout in a bespoke package.

Island Palace

Simply Building the Most Sophisticated

Emperia has developed the solution keeping functionality in mind, sticking to a frictionless user experience so that brands can indulge in creating their virtual stores without the need for third-party support, allowing them the freedom to update collections and refresh the space according to seasonal themes, in a matter of 30 minutes, when new product launches; better-aligning with their physical store strategy, maintaining a strong omnichannel approach.

3D or 2D models of the brand products can be uploaded into Artemis manually or better yet – a direct integration into the retailer’s catalogue will allow for an automatic pulling of product information and pricing into the virtual store.

Once selected, models and props can be imported into Artemis, placed in a personalized library, which enables a simple drag-and-drop action, placing the products into the virtual store and adjusting them to size, to fit into the virtual space.

With the new exciting Artemis updates, retailers now have the ability to undo or redo any task performed in virtual experiences, encompassing the functions of copy and paste, object movement and deletion. This feature provides users with a simplified and user-friendly approach to product placement and the construction of visual merchandising displays. By enabling the attachment of 3D models to props as a moveable group, it saves time and effort, while improving efficiency. The props inside Artemis’ library are built-in and perfect for conveying a product’s story. Whether it’s a shelf, product display or statue, the options to tailor your virtual wonderland are endless.

The “Lock Positions” feature provides users with the ability to lock the position of products and props by toggling a lock switch within the UI. This feature enhances the user experience by facilitating the creation of experiences with ease and efficiency, and eliminates any potential frustration associated with clicking on other objects in the process.

The Smoothest Virtual Store Platform Yet

With the Metaverse being a favoured topic in today’s Fashion conversation, brands are just about ready to take the online lead with their engaging virtual stores and managing them seamlessly while connecting look & feel to their physical locations has become a more urgent priority.

To ensure a smooth transition from physical to virtual, Artemis allows full integration of the virtual store with the brand’s current e-commerce solution, allowing visitors for direct checkout from within the virtual store and real-time inventory management. Moreover, stores developed through Artemis are embedded into retailers existing websites, through simple API integration, allowing for a seamless virtual foot traffic movement.

As a pioneer in the virtual reality space, Emperia has always kept ahead of the curve, tuning closely to trends and addressing market demand. Throughout Emperia’s journey of building custom virtual stores for brands, we’ve seen the rise of virtual flagship stores and Artemis is just the platform to lead brands into the all exciting future of memorable, interactive, always-connected digital presence.

Try Artemis today and start creating your own virtual store. The future of online retail is here.

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