How to utilise social media marketing to promote your VR experience

Jul 8, 2021
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Marketing to promote your VR Art Experience

With so many social media platforms, it can get confusing to know which ones to use and how each post can be formed to have the most substantial impact on your audience. 

As each social media platform differs in both build an audience, it is worth noting that posting the same content for each can actually be detrimental. So if you want to have the best impact when promoting your VR experience, then it is worth putting in the time to create separate posts for each.


Defining your audience will help you to understand them better and thus understand their wants and needs. This can help you to tailor your content specifically to them.

Facebook allows for two hundred visuals per album, but posting too many could mean that people don’t give them all the time they deserve. Selecting a few which showcase your show in the best manner would be a better idea. 

Drawing your audience in with stunning visuals is only half of the job. Text is also an essential aspect of your promotion. By adding compelling text and storytelling to your visuals, you can create a sense of wonder. 

Using video can take your audience on a journey, enticing them with descriptions or actual footage of your virtual space. This can generate considerable interest and lure your audience into wanting more. 

Social media Marketing to promote VR


Much like Facebook and all other social media platforms, knowing your audience can really help you produce the words and visuals they want to see. Although Instagram users tend to be of a younger demographic than those on Facebook, it does mean that they are generally speaking more tech-savvy. 

Instagram is a visual platform, and so the audience is there to firstly view incredible imagery and secondly, much like Facebook, be compelled by great storytelling. 

There are several ways that you can achieve this on the Instagram platform. 

Behind the scenes post 

Perhaps you are photographing your art ready to be uploaded onto your virtual space? This is the sort of post and story that will entice your audience to keep an eye on you and what you are doing. Don’t give them all the information straight away. Much like a good cliffhanger in a television series, keeping your viewers interested can build excitement and bring people back. 

Sixty-second videos

Instagram only allows videos to be sixty seconds long unless you are using IGTV. You can say a lot in that time frame, however. Finding the best ways to showcase your exhibition or fashion show can bring it to life using video footage. 

Small snippets from behind the scenes can entice excitement and educate your viewers into understanding the process of creating your digital space. 

Audiences will generally enjoy informational posts and video subject matter, so perhaps talking about the upcoming virtual space could satisfy their curiosity. 

Interviews and using Instagram live as a form of video can also give an interactive feel to your audience, allowing them to observe the chat live and potentially ask questions on the message boards. 

Make the most of the captions

Instagram allows posts of up to two thousand two hundred characters, giving you ample space to write short, fascinating stories that your followers can enjoy. 

If you are going to fill the caption to the brim, having informative and entertaining text will keep your followers reading. People love to know what’s going on and how you are producing this work and giving them the information they are craving will leave them wanting more. 

Hashtags make a huge difference

Hashtags are the lifeblood of Instagram; without them, the algorithms won’t understand which audiences to showcase your post to. Instagram does allow you to use up to thirty hashtags, but less can sometimes be more. 

Finding your perfect hashtags can require a little research. Finding words specific to your niche then searching them on Instagram is a fantastic way to see who is posting and utilising the hashtag. It can also inform you of the number of posts using the hashtag, which will show you its popularity. 

It may be a good idea to add all of your desired hashtags to a note on your phone. This can save you time later by having them ready to copy and paste into your next post instead of retyping them every time. 

Engage your followers and commenters

Responding to comments on your post can really engage your audience. It also substantially increases the chances for a non-follower to want to connect with you if they know you will usually respond. This type of correspondence can lead to a higher audience base, but also, Instagram loves it when people communicate.

Once your followers become used to your responses, they will start asking questions. That information is invaluable. Once you know what others are interested in, you can prepare your posts according to the questions you have been asked, which will, in turn, increase engagement again. 

Adding countdown stickers to your stories.

If you plan to release your virtual space on a particular day, adding your posts to your story then placing a countdown sticker can add to the excitement. If you have been teasing snippets of information to them, then the sticker will give them the answer that is more than likely in their head already; ‘when do I get to see this exciting new project’.


Twitter relies heavily on communication and short sharp messages and comments. With only two hundred and eighty characters available, your point must be well laid out and informative from the start. 

Hashtagging to save space can be a big help in getting you seen by the right person. If you can subtly add hashtags into your sentence structure, you can save space while still getting your message across. For example, ‘Coming soon, our brand new #virtualstore will blow your mind’.

Linking to other accounts where possible can not only help with driving traffic and increasing your following, but it will also prompt your fellow tweeters to retweet your messages.

Unlike other social media outlets, Twitter allows you up to two-thousand five-hundred tweets per day. So although you are limited in characters, it is common practice to post as much as you desire. If you have a lot to say, split it up and tweet away. 


Following some of these social media tips can help boost your organic traffic and drive more of your audience and followers to your virtual space. 

As we continue to shift into digital air space, many have chosen to use social media as outlets for their businesses instead of solely relying on their websites, physical stores and exhibition spaces. Adding a good social media presence can help promote your virtual space and enhance the level of engagement and excitement that it rightfully deserves.

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