3 Ways Virtual Reality Remoulds E-commerce

Jun 9, 2021
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Burberry virtual shopping experience
Burberry x Harrods, The World of Olympia

E-commerce evolving thanks to virtual reality. While changing the landscape, it’s become a popular topic approved by multiple luxury brands all over the world.

VR continues to shape the future for many businesses. Those that are either predominantly online or striving to make an impact online. Luxury fashion being a leading influence means there have been illuminating and immersive ways to make a difference and stand out in the crowded digital world of e-commerce. 

Let’s take a look into the top 3 ways virtual reality has changed the predictable e-commerce industry. We will be taking a comprehensive look at luxury fashion and its successes, in particular.

Virtual shopping experiences

Virtual reality has taken a step up in transforming the way customers can shop online. Achieving a captivating experience has only been truly possible in a brick and mortar store, until now. With the use of virtual reality, brands are creating realistic virtual shopping experiences online. It’s completely customisable for the brand and audience. Additionally, it’s a step above the generic grid layout that shoppers are used to. The importance of making yourself different from the rest online has increased rapidly. Considering the number of unique brands finding their place here. Creating a virtual store has helped brands identify themselves in the masses. In addition to this, they go that extra mile for user experience. This made an impact on the way technology is interfering with fashion positively.

Virtual stores are just one concept for luxury retailers. This doesn’t forget features like virtual try-on and AR (augmented reality). Brands utilise these features right now. This includes Gucci, Burberry (visit The World of Olympia by Emperia here), Tommy Hilfiger, and Farfetch. These brands are allowing exclusive appointments involving 1-to-1 video meetings with customers. Moreover, a 360-degree tour around a completely virtual and realistic space they created from scratch. This helps brands to display new collections in a different universe. Many customers have claimed the experience is just as detailed, but you’re in a magical land shopping Burberry

As experiential marketing budgets increase, the outcome is just as rewarding for the brands.  

Bridges the gap between online and offline

People are choosing offline shopping due to not being able to access the products as they can in real life. Virtual reality is bridging the gap between holding the products themselves, and actually virtually wearing them. The virtual try-on has been a groundbreaking tool, bringing customers all over the world to a brand’s online store. Apps such as Snapchat and Instagram have promoted luxury branded AR features. This allows your ability to wear the new makeup line or try on the new sneakers. It’s possible to snap pictures in new collections. E-Commerce has a chance to thrive and entertain the masses with viral technology efforts. This is with the help of digital and social media itself.

Physical shopping is time-consuming, considered a dull experience, and now even considered dangerous due to the pandemic. VR is helping lead the way to a more interesting online experience and future, resulting in personalised and convenient shopping. 

Research shows that VR is popular and well-known to all types of people

Touchstone Research found that 80% of people had some connection or experience with virtual reality, and when asked what they want from a virtual reality experience, shopping was one of the topic categories. Surveys revealed that 66% of consumers are interested in using VR to make a purchase, 63% of respondents said they were expecting their shopping experiences to change positively because of VR, and 35% said they would shop online more frequently if they could try a product on with the help of technology.

While there are just 3 positive impacts that VR is having on e-Commerce, there’s no denying the lower rate of customer returns, higher engagement, and better customer relationships. To read more about how virtual reality can help you as a brand find more brand awareness, build a virtual shopping experience, or just to learn more, read our article ‘Virtual Reality Transforming E-Commerce’. 

Virtual shopping experience
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