5 Ways to Skyrocket Your Holiday Sales with the Metaverse

As we get ever closer to Black Friday and the Christmas holidays, more and more people are going to be starting to hit stores, both in the real world and online, to find the perfect gifts for their friends and family.

Utilizing the metaverse as part of your omnichannel e-commerce and marketing strategy is a great way to market your seasonal products and create an engaging holiday experience for your users. Alongside the more commonly used channels like social media, paid advertising, influencer marketing and CRM activity, the metaverse can also provide numerous different options depending on what you’re trying to achieve and who you’re trying to target.

The more inspiring and unique your metaverse experience is, the higher the financial gains off the back of it will be. We’ve compiled a list of different strategies you can use inside and outside of the metaverse this holiday season to maximize the chances of success.

1. Utilize 3D 360° modeling and virtual advertisements

Why not make use of 360° product modeling and create a virtual store for people to access anywhere, at any time. Sync it with the back-end of your website and your e-commerce solution and you’ll provide your customers with a seamless buying and checkout experience.

The metaverse often mirrors the real world when it comes to crafting an authentic experience for customers, albeit improving it, using virtual space’s unique capabilities, and therefore you could easily invest in advertising space and set up billboards located in areas of your choice to reach new customers, or retarget prospects.

2. Gamification

Gamification can take many different forms, and that’s part of the beauty of it. Virtual experiences within the metaverse that include gamification or incentives of some kind to encourage user engagement and interaction are far more successful that those that don’t.

By encouraging customers to explore the entire store looking for ‘tokens’, you’re not only ensuring they are exposed to your entire range, but they’ll spend longer on your site and are more likely to spend. You’re also providing customers with a far more rewarding experience than if you were to just sell-sell-sell.

3. Hosting Events in the Metaverse

To sell products or a service you need to appeal to the customer, and provide them with reasons to purchase from you over your next biggest competitors. 

Events enable you to showcase your true brand, provide a memorable experience and engage people. These can take several different forms, from interactive exhibits to art galleries and fashion shows, to live demos of new products or luxury make up trials.

Hosting a Christmas-themed event also holds a lot of promise, enabling you to make the most of the creative outlets the metaverse provides. Whether it be through creating a virtual winter wonderland or a metaverse meet-and-greet with your very own Santa, there’ll be something for your customers to enjoy and make your products more appealing to holiday shoppers.

4. AR Features

One feature you can implement into virtual experiences or social media platforms is AR (augmented reality). AR can provide a fun yet interactive way for users to experience by trying on a product for example.

A creative way to use AR in your holiday marketing is through the use of social media. Using AR features on apps like Instagram or Pinterest will help you gain more traction as a brand.  Users are also far more likely to share their experience with their followers, friends or family through word of mouth and give them the chance to try it too. You could experiment with Christmas-themed options such as virtual Santa hats, glittery virtual make-up or other Christmas-themed accessories such as scarves, shoes and gloves.

You can even combine AR try-on features with other features in the metaverse such as gaming. One of our projects, ‘Sunglass Hut Utopia’, combined AR try-on technology and gaming into a unique virtual store that celebrates Sunglass Hut’s unique style with an event that focuses on allowing the personalities of their customers to shine through in their choice of sunglasses.

5. IRL Events

Why not host a real event to mirror the virtual experience or events you’ve created? By providing an IRL experience as well as a virtual one gives people the option as to which they could attend. If you’ve got the tech you could even have people visit the virtual store whilst in the real one with headsets

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